Recommendations for a correct use of jewelry products 

The jewelry can last a long time, maintaining its same brightness and image. However, they are accessories that need proper care to be preserved and that are longer as new. For this reason we give you these tips so that your accessories last for much longer.

*Avoid using your Bisuterí products during work or work in which it acts; humidity, water and / or aggressive products such as household cleaning products, during the cleaning of vehicles, bathrooms, swimming pool or any similar situation.

*Avoid contact of the jewelry with substances that contain chemicals, because they can stain, darken or oxidize it (perfumes, creams, dyes, hair sprays, detergents, polishing agents, carbonate, lemon, soap, dishwashing, acid, mercury, etc.) as this causes the fall of the polymer enamel that the piece has in gold or silver plating, causing the piece to wear.

*Do not sleep with your jewelry accessories

*Do not clean it with detergent, not even neutral

*Do not use jewelry cleaners for your jewelry.

*You can clean your jewelry items with a soft dry cloth, without rubbing too much.

*To store your jewelry, place it in a dry place. If possible, use an individual case to store each set and avoid rubbing between them since some pieces can scratch others.

*Open and close the clasps. Closures and clips carefully, as they are delicate pieces.

*Abre y cierra los broches. cierres y clips con cuidado, ya que son piezas delicadas.

*It is not advisable to wet, shower or perform sports activities with your jewelry accessories, especially accessories with magnet closure as it oxidizes with water and stops making contact.

*The guarantee only covers factory damage, for any questions better consult, we will be happy to answer your questions.

*The jewelry are not pure gold materials, nor pure silver only have a bath and polymer coating that prevents wear of the piece longer than normal jewelry. I could turn black or dark not being covered by the warranty.

*There are people who have the PH too high which can affect the metals to turn dark, this will be exempt from warranty and liability by